Digital Spring Meetings with Nursing Home Residents

With the social responsibility project “Digital Spring” organized by Turkcell, we brought happiness and technology to the residents of nursing homes. We ensured that nursing home residents meet with new generation technologies. Thanks to this, the residents of the nursing home had the opportunity to meet with the use of web facilities, technology-based communication facilities and entertainment contents. Unlimited internet access provided by Turkcell and mutual entertainment games organized during the event were also gifts for the nursing home residents. In the technology rooms established, they provided free access to applications such as BIP, Fizy, Tv Plus and magazine stores offered under the Turkcell brand.


In the first stage, the project was organized in nursing homes in Istanbul and Ankara. During the project, we traveled 2000 km in total. We have installed a total area of ​​200 m2. We made direct contact with approximately 450 residents of nursing homes. We contacted approximately 1000 people indirectly during the event. We hosted our minister of “Family and Social Policies” at the event launch activity. In this way, we achieved a wide media impact. As of the day of the event, our news appeared on more than 300 local and national media channels. Approximately 3 million people have accessed these news.


We are excited to bring happiness to more nursing home residents during our ongoing digital spring project.