Uninterrupted live broadcast and perfect digital meeting experience at the 4th Etnospor Forum!

The 4th Ethnosport Forum, organized in hybrid format and contributed by
participants from all over the world, was held online with Nexeet’s
uninterrupted live broadcast experience. The panel, held online, was attended
by ministers, government officials, federation representatives and academics
from 61 countries. In the 4th Ethnosport Forum, approximately 300
participants in two different sessions discussed the role of digitalization in the
promotion and dissemination of tradition0l sports and games, and the effective
use of existing digital networks. The World Ethnosport Confederation, which
took action for a sustainable world in order to complete its “Revival of
Traditional Sports” mission, zeroed the carbon footprint of the 4th Ethnosport
Forum with the vision of respect for nature and environment.
4th Etnospor Forum in Numbers;
Around 7 hours of uninterrupted broadcast to 60 countries in 6 languages
A tot0l of 543 sponsor booth visits
8176 clicks